We believe in giving people a hand up, not a hand out. We walk with you through the proccess to ensure you reach your goal.

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We believe in giving people a hand up, not hand out. We walk with you through the proccess to ensure you reach your goal.

Welcome to our GAP Ministries page.

The GAP ministries are one of the many ways Love INC. of Otero provides help to our community. From helping needy households with food to loaning medical equipment to individuals without insurance coverage, we are filling in the “gaps” by providing help to those less fortunate.

“Feeding the Heart” Food Pantry

Food Pantry image

The Love INC food pantry is open 4 days a week to help provide food for those families in need. Food items such as bread, eggs and even meat are provided. Our staff of faithful volunteers have a heart to serve and everyone who comes to see us is treated with kindness and compassion, regardless of their situation.

“Love’s Treasures” Furniture Ministry

Furniture Ministry image

We are providing household and furniture items to those families and individuals whom we have determined are in need. These families may come to us from COPE, or may be victims of a fire, or even graduates of one of our recovery homes. Whatever the situation, we want to help. This is just one more way the body of Christ is working together to provide for those less fortunate in our community.

“Heart to Home” Building Supplies

Building Supplies logo

We are partnering up with Home Depot to provide building material to repair homes here in Otero County. Doors, windows and flooring are just some of the items being provided to low income homeowners and other non-profits in our community.

“Helping Hearts” Medical Equipment Ministry

Medical Equipment Ministry image

We are providing medical equipment to those who do not have insurance and find themselves in need. Wheelchairs, walkers, and more have been loaned out to our clients for as long as they need it. When they are done, we simply ask that they return it so that we may continue to provide it to others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

“Bags of Blessings” Backpack Ministry

Backpack Ministry image

We are providing weekend backpacks filled with non-perishables to our public school children that are identified as being in need. Often times, these children are living in hotels or without a utility. Others may be part of a family that is facing a serious financial hardship. These backpacks go home on Friday and are returned on Monday to be replenished for the following week.

“A Hand Up” Benevolence Fund

 Benevolence logo

We provide assistance with things such as prescriptions, utility bills, rent and overnight shelter. In addition, we can mobilize volunteers to assist with requests such as small household repair, wheelchair ramps, preparing coolers/heaters for use and a whole host of other things in between. Love INC has a limited ability to help with financial requests, and all needs will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

PNM’s Good Neighbor Fund

PNM’s Good Neighbor Fund logo

In addition to our GAP Ministries, Love INC is the administrator for PNM’s Good Neighbor Fund for Otero County. By partnering with PNM, we are able to assist those in the community that may need help paying their electric bill. This is just one more way we are working together in our community to transform lives “In the Name of Christ."

“The LINC” Community Classes

Community Classes logo

We want to be there to help our clients realize their full potential. Through our community classes, we are walking along side our clients, giving them the tools and encouragement they need to reach their full potential so that they can be everything God created them to be.

“Love Your Home” Household Ministry

Household Ministry logo

We are providing household necessities for those who find themselves in need. It may be a recently single mother or father, or someone who may have previously been homeless. No matter the situation we are here to help with things like dishes, pots and pans, bedding, towels and more. This is another way we serving the less fortunate in our community!